Oil Furnaces

Oil Fired Furnace Heating Systems

Oil Furnace Advantages

  • No up-front costs to install public gas lines into your home.
  • Burn either heating oil or bio-diesel.
  • Heating oil has more BTUs per gallon than gas.
  • You aren’t locked into a single fuel provider.
  • Varying oil providers give you flexible options for your budget.

Oil Burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas or propane. There are many advantages to using oil to heat your home. Because it’s so hot, your home will naturally heat faster, need less fuel, and maintain your desired temperature much more efficiently.

Oil heating can be one of the most efficient ways to heat your home during the coldest winter. With oil you can expect a clean burning fuel with very little smoke.

Oil furnaces are very safe, nonetheless, the appliance should be periodically inspected and maintained, to achieve long-term safe and efficient operation. Modern central furnaces offer exceptional comfort, quiet operation and maximum efficiency.

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