Foresight Gold Annual Maintenance Plan

Foresight Gold – Boiler/Furnace Maintenance Plan – Only $289

Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan

Annual System Clean & Tune……………………Included

Emergency Service Call…………………………….Included**

Standard Service Call………………………………..Included**

Parts and Labor…………………………………………Included**

Non-Covered Repairs……………………………….15% Discount

Tank Replacement…………………………………….$500 Credit

**For repair/replacement of covered parts, initial inspection is required prior to coverage.


System Cleaning & Tune-up Includes:*

  • Check Burner and safety controls
  • Check for proper combustion
  • Clean heat exchanger, flue pipe, and chimneystack base
  • Replace oil filter cartridge & oil burner nozzle
  • Check/clean electrodes and nozzle assembly

*When applicable for your specific system.

  • Check/set proper gap on electrodes
  • Check and lubricate all burner, fan, circulator motors
  • Clean and check flue for proper draft
  • Check fan belts and blowers
  • Perform combustion efficiency check
  • Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency

Covered Parts List – Furnace/Boiler

  • Aquastat
  • Blower Bearings
  • Blower Belt
  • Blower Moter
  • Blower Pulley
  • Blower Shaft
  • Blower Wheel
  • Burner Coupling
  • Burner Fan
  • Burner Flange Gasket
  • Burner Moter
  • Burner Porcelains
  • Cad Cell Assembly
  • Cad Cell Control
  • Cad Cell Eye
  • Draft Regulator
  • Electrodes
  • End Cone
  • Emergency Switch
  • Fan & Limit Control
  • Fill Box
  • Flare Fittings
  • Flue Pipe (6ft., 8”max)
  • Fuel Filter Cartridge
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Pump Gasket
  • Fuel Pump Bleeder
  • Fuel Pump Strainer
  • Ignition Transformer
  • Nozzle
  • Nozzle Adapter
  • Nozzle Assembly
  • Nozzle Line
  • Oil Line Fittings
  • Relief Valve
  • Stack Control
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Thermostat (non-programmable)
  • Vent Cap

Add Circulator & Zone Valve Coverage for Boilers Only – $39 Per Zone

Circulation Parts List
  • Circulator
  • Circulator Coupling
  • Circulator Relay
  • Circulator Mounts
  • Flow Valve
  • Zone Valve
  • Zone Valve Motor
  • Zone Valve Relay

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General Terms & Conditions

1. The Service Plan includes initial inspection, one (1) annual burner cleaning & tune up, and the labor and covered parts necessary for repairs and replacements that may be required during the term of the contract, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. The Service Plan covers only those repairs and parts specified on the Covered Parts list (appropriate to your system and plan chosen) which we provide after the initial inspection. Obsolete parts are NOT covered, regardless of whether they are identified under the Covered Parts list. Coverage is provided for standard residential systems and components only; up to 2.5 gallon max firing rate. The Service Plan becomes effective after our initial inspection and approval of your heating system and tank. If upon inspection of the heating system and oil tank, we deem it unsafe, unqualified, obsolete, or needing repairs for reliable operation, we will offer to perform the repairs at our standard rates or decline the Service Plan.

2. The Service Plan does not cover labor or materials to repair damage to the heating system caused by the customer’s neglect, such as insufficient water for boiler, blown fuses or other failure of electrical system, faulty thermostat settings, heating system switches turned off, and other causes related to the improper operation or maintenance of the heating system. The Service Plan does not cover labor or materials to repair damage caused by acts of God, fire, flood, freezing, weather conditions, power loss or surges, water damage, fuel flow problems due to freezing, sludge in fuel, fuel run-out, or other similar circumstances. The Service Plan does not cover repairs or replacements first requested after the end of the contract term. Emergency service call status is reserved for extremely urgent issues such as no heat, no hot water, oil leak, water leak, etc. If emergency service is provided under this plan, we reserve the sole right to determine if a service call is worthy of emergency status and/or to determine if it is billable to you.

3. All Annual Service Plans expire one (1) calendar year from signup date, and automatically renew for one (1) year at then-current pricing and service plan terms.. Notification will be sent approximately one month prior to expiration, and renewal will be automatically charged to your credit card approximately 15 days prior to expiration, unless you cancel the agreement in writing 20 days prior to expiration date, or pay in full with another payment method at least 20 days prior to expiration. ALL service plan renewals must be paid in full prior to expiration, or service plan will be terminated. Green Acres Fuel reserves the right to cancel this plan at any time without any liability when issued in error, or at any renewal period.

4. To assure quality fuel, we recommend purchasing all your heating oil from Green Acres Fuel. Repairs or service calls caused by contaminated or poor quality heating oil from other suppliers are not covered under this Service Plan. Any customer who does not pay all invoices when due will have their Service Plan terminated. No credit or refund will be issued if any Service Plan is terminated or canceled before the expiration date.

5. LIMITED WARRANTY; EXCLUSION OF DAMAGES. Green Acres Fuel warrants its parts, services and repairs against defective parts and deficient service for a period of 30 days following the date of installation or repair. Liability under such warranty shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective parts or deficient service, and shall not extend to any failures caused by customer acts, omissions or neglect, or any other circumstances beyond the control of Green Acres Fuel. Under no circumstances shall Green Acres Fuel be liable to you or any third party for any lost profits, property damage, personal injuries or any incidental or consequential damages. Green Acres Fuel makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. Green Acres Fuel will attempt to schedule a suitable time for the Annual Clean & Tune-up, however, the customer remains solely responsible to ensure that the Annual System Clean & Tune-up is scheduled during the course of the contract year.

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