Automatic Fuel Delivery

Automatic Fuel Delivery.

We deliver home heating oil in the Lehigh Valley & beyond.
Consistently delivering fuel oil at low prices with prompt, friendly service.

Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery Benefits

  • Always get the 400-gallon price (up to 5 cents off per gallon)
  • Exempt from below minimum delivery fees
  • Free priority emergency delivery should you run out of oil

How Automatic Heating Fuel Delivery Works

We offer automated fuel deliveries for your convenience and comfort. Using Heating Degree Days and your history of oil usage from the past year we can estimate when you will need a delivery.

The Heating Degree Days system determines your oil level by taking a base temperature and an approximate calculation of daily temperature readings for your particular location to figure out how much oil you are using and adjustments are then made as necessary.

This method of automatic oil delivery saves you the time and bother of having to keep an eye on your gauge and place an order! This system works quite well and has saved many people time and money throughout the Lehigh Valley!


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