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Budget Plan Information

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Why Signup for Our Prepay Heating Oil Program?

Benefits of the Budget Plan

  • Budget customers automatically receive the 400-gallon price
  • Never be locked in at high prices
  • Fixed monthly fuel pre- payments throughout the year
  • Fully refundable budget payments
  • Reliable emergency service 24/7 (Included w/optional automatic delivery)

Budget Sign-up

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March 1st – July 31st!

Budget Plan Details:

How It Works:

The budget program is designed to create a credit on your account that is applied to your heating oil bill when you get a delivery; ensuring that you get the best prepaid oil prices. If you do not have enough money in your budget, you will be required to pay the amount due before you receive an oil delivery. You can cancel your enrollment in the budget plan at any time and your remaining credit balance will be refunded!

Monthly Statements:

Each month you will receive a monthly budget statement that will be due upon receipt. It will indicate your regular monthly payment including prepay oil prices, as well as any other charges covered by your budget plan. In addition, the statement will keep you informed of your actual account balance throughout the year.
This is a pre-pay plan; any balance that exceeds what is available in your budget account at the time of delivery will be due immediately.

Fuel Delivery:

Upon each fuel delivery, our driver will leave a receipt at the property showing the total gallons delivered, the price per gallon charged on delivery,
and current remaining budget balance. Budget customers will automatically receive the 400-gallon oil price.


The budget plan is the best way to stay on top of paying your fuel bills. It gives you the freedom and peace of mind knowing what your monthly prepaid oil prices will be which allows you to spread your annual heating costs over the course of 12 months.

Getting Started:

Fill out and submit our Sign-up Form above for a Fixed Monthly Fuel Payments estimate. Or, print the PDF form, fill it out, and return it to us; Our representative will contact you when we receive your form to ask a few questions to ensure an accurate projection of your anticipated prepay oil prices. Then we’ll let you know your low monthly payment amount based on our usage estimate. You will be required to start the program on a full tank of oil or send a deposit that would cover a full tank. This is to avoid budget funds from being used right away.

Fax: 610-439-4877
Email: [email protected]

219 Schantz Rd. Suite 2
Allentown PA, 18104

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