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Heating Oil in Allentown, PA from Green Acres Fuel

Green Acres Fuel proudly delivers high-quality heating oil to the Lehigh Valley from our location in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Green Acres Fuel is a trusted and experienced family-owned business that provides excellent heating oil service and affordable home oil prices.

Contact our Allentown, PA location at:

Green Acres Fuel

219 Schantz Road
Suite 2

Allentown, PA 18104


Heating Oil Delivery

Home heating oil is a safe, economical, and clean way to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the year. Our team delivers top-quality fuel to meet your needs. We also offer a cost-cutting automatic fuel delivery service (with 400-gallon pricing), which could save you up to 4 cents per gallon.

When your heating oil needs to be replenished, Green Acres Fuel will automatically deliver it to your home, so you never have to worry about running out of fuel oil when you need it the most. Automatic delivery provides peace of mind that your heating oil tank will always be full. Here are a few other issues our automatic delivery service will help you avoid:

  • Tank gauge could be faulty making you think you have more heating fuel than is actually in the tank
  • If you have an underground fuel tank it needs to be checked periodically, which is a hassle
  • In really cold weather, you might use more heating oil than you realize and run out

Receiving automatic deliveries also assigns you to our priority delivery service. You will also benefit from priority delivery service during periods of peak customer demand.

In addition to our convenient auto delivery service, you may also check the latest local fuel oil prices or place a heating oil order online.

When you choose Green Acres Fuel to service your home heating oil needs, you are choosing an experienced, multi-generational, family-owned company that offers the highest level of service at the best possible value.

Visit the Green Acres Fuel about us page to learn more about how we can better serve your home heating oil and service needs.




Home heating oil delivery in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania